What you probably don’t know about html5 games

Technology has made vast inroads into various fields, including the online gaming industry. There are numerous casino slots online that have gained significantly with the intervention of technology. However, with the focus on newer generation tech, it’s sometimes easy to forget the hands behind this burgeoning change. Game developers have, by and large, remained invisible in an industry that screams (demands) change. The tools that game developers use in their arsenal have required considerable upgrades (latest iterations and programming languages). The use of different programming languages to make games entertaining and fun is the need of the hour for developers and producers alike. HTML5 game development requires a unique skill set and a keen understanding of this programming language and tools based on the type of games. One of the tools which are in use quite extensively is HTML5, and this article aims to cover HTML5 game development.

HTML5 Game Development

There are many methods of creating HTML5 games with the help of various tools. In this blog, we will cover detailed information regarding the development of HTML5 games. HTML5 Games are easy to build on various technological devices. Almost all HTML5 game development is built on the knowledge of content where programmers display Canvas. JavaScript is one of the critical points of HTML5 games.

HTML5 Game Development necessitates that it runs on a browser. Game creators use similar coding languages and tools of front-end development. If you know just HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript then you are already well equipped to create games. You can also run these games on the platform of your liking. The games that you can create with these programming languages can be very addictive and exciting. If you are curious in game development, also consider canvas API.

Why HTML5:

If you want to build a game that works on various platforms, HTML5 is the way to go.

1- Cross-platform and cross browsers compatibility: HTML5 offers an attractive feature which is nothing but its compatibility across a range of devices is impressive. In terms of ability to implement and the ease with which it syncs in perfectly. It has proven its compatibility with browsers such as Firefox, Safari iOS, Android Browser, Google Chrome, Amazon Silk, Blackberry Browser, Nokia Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. As HTML5 app works on different mobile operating games, whether it is oniOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, HTML5 Game Development incurs less costing than that of creating native apps for each OS. In order to have the app on multiple platforms, there is a requirement for developing multiple apps just once using HTML5 as against to its native counterpart.

2 – Remote updates: A great benefit of HTML5 web apps is the fact that updates happen automatically for users so there is no need for them to update manually. Everyone using or visiting the application will only see the updated version. This gives benefits to all parties, be it the app providers or developers. This means that they don’t have to go through the (sometimes cumbersome) process of a manual update.

3- More suited to emerging markets: It had foreseen some three years ago that Africa was the world’s second most connected region by Mobile Subscriptions and in 2015 it will reach to one billion. Therefore Africa is one of the emerging markets. To sustain such a market you would require a diverse range of devices so developing applications for each one of them could be a nightmare.

4- Gaming Engines as Boon: HTML5 for its application developers have brought ultimate gaming engines which opens an exciting door to the gaming world. Various HTML5 Game Frameworks like Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz and Booty5 which have shouldered the burden associated with HTML5 Game Development process.

5- Developers Loving HTML5: Based on the surveys held during 2014 with more than 3500 responses, more than half of the developers in the mobility domain believed that HTML5 is an Enterprise Ready Technology. And if not, then in the coming next six months (which is of course now in 2015) it will be mature enough to handle independently the whole of gaming domain. This also implies that it (HTML5) has now matured to be a fit for the consumer space as well. HTML5 and JavaScript are referred as the best choice for building cross-platform apps and games. As HTML5 is designed to run across all types of devices from smartphones to tablets. Dramatically and drastically it has reduced the developers’ workload by removing the requirement to build specific versions of their game for each specific platform.

Where does HTML5 Work?

These games can work on almost any technical device. However, there are specific characteristics features you should take into account. Firstly, you should be sure that the game coincides with the size of various screens and different types of input. It is also compatible with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Firefox, and Google Chrome. HTML5 Game Development also can be done for mobile platform games.

HTML5 Frameworks 

There are plenty of virtual games that have some concepts which are specific to each game they are built on. It includes game level design, graphical elements, elements in the game, scenes, various animations, the sound, loading process of graphic assets, and other features. In case you concentrate more on the game itself, but not on the creation of the abstraction layer of the game, then game development is right for you.

You can use several building components to create your games that are available in the HTML5 Game Frameworks as well as libraries. These libraries are Open Source projects. People who want to contribute to the HTML5 development field can create and lead these libraries.

It can also help:

  • To create a card and puzzle games
  • Add several layers of audio materials
  • Add a preloader to the games
  • Add whistles and bells to the games. It helps them to stand out among other types of games.
  • Handle multiple users with the help of the WebSockets.

Distribution Of The Games

Some game developers think that distribution for HTML5 configured games is not a great strategy. This is primarily because they approach HTML5 game Development in a sense as native online games. In native games, the marketplace is the only way to find virtual games to play. Whereas, the HTML5 Games allows you to have the hyperlink. You can spread this link everywhere. It can be accessed on the computer as well as a mobile phone. Of course, you should not only end up being limited to the main page for a virtual game.

Game Engine

To create a game via HTML5 Game Development, you should be able to choose the game engine. You should choose a kind of game engine that the software will update and improve over the years.


In conclusion, getting knowledge and information about HTML5 game development can help you along the way in developing skills in this area. It will also guide you on how to master the tools of creation of games for various game platforms.

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