Genieee – License HTML5 games‎

Genieee - License HTML5 games‎

Genieee – License HTML5 games‎

Genieee licensing best html5 games which can works on many modern platform like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can buy well design and tested games from genieee and use for your portal.

Genieee allows our client to buy distribution license. You buy the complete game files, plus the rights to host the games. Even we give discount on bulk order, please visit our site or contact on

All games of ours you can easily upload on your server and make money from ads.

Each games of our fully tested on multiple devices several times by our expert testing team. So, that we can provide quality product to our client.

Reskining of ready build game is also a good idea and cost also not much compare to totally new game. If you are planning to make reskin please let us know.

Upon a successful purchase, our team can assist you with adding your own splash screen and logos.

Genieee is one of the top html5 game development company in India offering game development, publishing on all platforms. Genieee is also a top html5 game seller in India expertise in html5 and unity 3D game outsourcing. We licenses best quality html5 games all over the world.

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