Educational Game Development in HTML5 – Genieee

Educational Game Development in HTML5 - Genieee

Educational Game Development in HTML5 – Genieee

Kids likes to play games and they enjoy it lots. And from this fun if kids learn something I think that would be the great idea. Nowadays learning from gaming and entertainment media is in boom and it will help student to learn new concept fast.

Math oriented, General Knowledge or any language learning base games will help student to learn all these subject just as a fun.

Our games development team well qualified to develop  re-defined the concept of dispensing high quality education to young minds. Smartphone and internet based education too caters to the preferences of young adults.

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With Genieee, we help stakeholders in the education sector to scale up quickly to meet at these newer avenues so that the entire process of education remains as engaging in the face of shifting user preferences and shorter attention span.

Genieee has expertise in developing educational games by using advanced HTML5 techniques. Which can works all mobile and desktop.These games assist the users in experiencing simplified learning while retaining the excitement that the player would want. Working in tandem with the changing trends, Genieee makes gesture controlled games that are high on interactivity and more gripping. Genieee ensures that games deployed by us are compatible with different screen sizes across all mobile and tablet platforms.

Genieee is one of the top html5 game development company in India offering game development, publishing on all platforms. Genieee is also a top html5 game seller in India expertise in html5 and unity 3D game outsourcing. We licenses best quality html5 games all over the world.

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